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Paper bags provide canvas for students’ flights of fancy NORTH Manchester Hampstead Lineboro

By PAT BRODOWSKI February 3, 1993

“My Teacher Glows in the Dark,” screams the big print near a human emitting a golden aura. Not when they’re grouped with classics of fiction like “The Call of the Wild” and “The Trumpet of the Swan.”What brings this zany diversity together is a “Best Books” list created by kids at Spring Garden Elementary School. One by one, these titles have been thoughtfully illustrated upon brown paper grocery bags for the lo cal Weis Market in Robert’s Field Shopping Center.

Savvy people know the value of leaves

By Susan McGrath and Susan McGrath,Los Angeles Times Syndicate December 11, 199 1

Mary Robson is an odd kind of bag lady. To her colleagues at the Cooperative Extension Service in Seattle she is known as a horticulturist. But her neighbors know her better as the woman who begs for their yard waste during leaf season. One year, they unloaded 87 bags of leaves on her. Mary Robson revels in them. Why? She hesitates to tell people for fear they’ll be scouring the alleys ahead of the yard waste truck, too.”Last week I started sorting through the facts about trash. It’s better to precycle and recycle. However, that’s not going to eliminate all our garbage. Coram and James M. on four consecutive Saturdays beginning Nov.