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Middlefield Woman’s Mission Gives Haitian Orphans Hope

By CLOE POISSON, Hartford Courant, November 14, 2010

Elisabeth Kenne dy h oists a duffel bag and steps onto a bathroom scale in her Middlefield home. “It’s 146 pounds!” says a friend, bending to see the dial under the bag. That means the bag is just under the 50 pound airline limit, considering that Kennedy is a scant 97 pounds herself. The pair repeat the process for 19 other bags filling the living room of her small ranch house as she prepares for a trip to HELO (Hope, Education, Love, Opportunity), the orphanage she co founded in Haiti three years ago. The bags are packed with donated supplies, including bolts of fabric, clothing, toys and school equipment for the children.

Hartford Stage’s ‘Orphans’ Home Cycle’ Receives Lortel ‘Best Play’ Nomination

By FRANK RIZZO and The Hartford Courant, April 1, 2010

Horton Foote’s epic “The Orphans’ Home Cycle”, which had its world premiere last fall at Hartford Stage, received Thursday a Lucille Lortel Award nomination for best off Broadway play of the year. Also winning nominations from that production are Rui Rita for lighting design and John Gromada for sound. Gordon Edelstein artistic director of Long Wharf Theatre was also a nominee for best direction for the Long Wharf Theatre production of “The Glass Menagerie,” which was transferred from New Haven to the Roundabout Theatre Company.’Orphans’ Home Cycle’ Going To Broadway In September

January 7, 2010

Horton’s Foote’s “Orphan” has found a home, on Broadway. According to Hartford Stage’s Michael Wilson, the three part, nine hour, 22 actor “The Orphans’ Home Cycle” will begin performances this September in a commercial Broadway theater, still to be named. The show a co production of Hartford Stage and off Broadway’s Signature Theatre Company will be presented by a group of commercial Broadway producers. The three part, nine hour cycle is a co production with Hartford Stage, which first presented the Horton Foote epic here this fall. Discussions are being held with the show’s major players and potential producers, including Jeffrey Richards and Daryl Roth, both of whom have had long associations with Wilson, Hartford Stage, Signature and Foote.’Orphans’ Mirrors Current Events

By SUSAN HOOD; Special to the Courant, October 16, 2009

‘A family is a remarkable thing. You belong. And then you don’t. It passes you by. Unless you st art a family of your own,” says Minnie, a spinster schoolteacher, midway through “The Story of a Family,” which concludes Horton Foote’s “The Orphans’ Home Cycle,” in its trilogy form at Hartford Stage. 24. Mulhern was cast in several roles in the three part cycle, including Mr. Ritter and Billy Vaughn in Part One; George Tyler in Part Two; and Monty Reeves in Part Three. Mulhern’s parts will be performed by Lucas Caleb Rooney. The theater declined to specify the reason for the actor’s exi t. No word yet on who will take over the roles when the production moves to off Broadway’s Signature Theatre Company in November.’Orphans’ Home Cycle’ Part I Is A Fiercely Dark Farce

Conversation, story telling and music making were the primary forms of home entertainment in early 20th century America, and as a young boy sitting with his elders and neighbors on porches, in parlors and at supper, Horton Foote listened closely. In Foote’s hometown of Wharton, Texas, and across the South and border states, slavery, the Civil War and Reconstruction remained palpable, and the past was real.