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By James Pribram February 15, 2008One of my favorite stretches of coastline is one that many cannot access ? unless one either lives above what I call the ?lost coast? or gains entrance by sea or land. I like to enter by ocean, no small surprise there. Sunny days or stormy, I love to jump on m y paddleboard or kayak and visit that unique area which remains for the most part untouched. This is where dolphins love to play, and one little black seal with a spotted face who always has a smile, if I?m not mistaken. The little seal I nicknamed ?Chasing Down The Muse:By Catharine Cooper January 25, 2008Imagine as you walk down one of our sandy beaches, you spy, caught in the eddies of a tide pool, a worn and moss covered bottle. As you stoop to pick it up, you notice through the etched surface, a rolled piece of paper. Your heart races. As we transition away from our long Laguna nightmare known as winter, we should consider how the mighty Pacific mitigates the gloom especially this year. For I come not to bury winter, but to praise it. Speaking of the ocean, it was extremely disappointing last week when I paddled out near Blue Bird Beach to find tha t the ocean was again polluted. I love how they post the signs warning swimmers of the contaminated conditions. Again the signs were placed out of sight, high against the cliff. One lousy shot can end up being amplified on IMAX screens around the world. When Academy Award nominated filmmaker Greg MacGillivray’s “Coral Reef Adventure” screens Friday at the Festival of Arts Forum Theatre, the audience will have to make do with a regular DVD format. My every movement reflected below me as m y outstretched arms reached past my right shoulder and then my left. With each motion, the water pulled alongside my surfboard. Time had stopped, and without a whisper of wind, the ocean glistened before me. It’s a great time of year for wildlife viewing just the other day I watched as an intrepid seal took a lengthy trip up onto the beach and the summer crowds seem like a dist ant memory. Yet as I walk the beach these days, I’m weighed down by worry over the health of the ocean, which seems to be in perpetual decline. The world’s coral reefs are dying off at a frightening pace, and along the coast of California, the fish that call Laguna Cove and our other nearby waters home are becoming smaller and fewer with each passing year.