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ARTICLES BY DATEISLE OF WIGHT A Hokie win on Saturday means Gov. Bob McDonnell will feast on tangy South Carolina barbecue over the holidays. McDonnell and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley have a tasty wager riding on this weekend’s ACC Championship, where Virginia Tech faces off against Clemson University on Saturday. If Virginia Tech wins, Haley will send McDonnell barbecue from Hudson’s Smokehouse. And if Clemson takes the game, McDonnell will have a Smithfield ham and a tin of Virginia Diner peanuts delivered to South Carolina’s statehouse. She has been personal secretary to Virginia Diner Owner Bill Galloway for six years. “Working at the Diner can be exciting,” says Gay, who began working at the “Peanut Capital of the World,” as it is called, in 1976 as a part time temporary employee. Her other roles include marketing manager and buyer for the diner and assistant to the comptroller. Saturday, Nov. 6, even more reds, oranges and yellows will wash the maples, oaks, hickories and beeches that make up mixed hardwood and pine forests at the 8,000 acre site. The free walk, which begins at the Discovery Center, will explore how wildlife changes to accommodate the season, what berries and nuts are important for resident animals and why the trees take on different hues this time of year. attorney’s office has filed suit against a bunch of nuts. Filthy nuts, to be specific. attorney’s office has asked permission to seize a warehouse full of contaminated nuts before they leave the Aster Nut Co. in Boykins, a Southampton County town. The Nuts (8 4) are still very much in the picture. The Newport News Flag Football League’s regular season ends this week. The top three teams in the league advance to the state meet in Virginia Beach, Dec. 9 10. Road Fabrics, Inc., out of Williamsburg, are already assured a spot in the state tournament. They’ll be used to grow seedlings, which will then be transplanted to create “buffer zones” along rivers and streams. Those buffers will help protect the waterways from harmful runoff, officials say. When trees are along waterways, falling leaves also help create the buffer. It’s a kind of obstacle for water running off streets, d riveways, parking lots, fields and pastures.

January 30, 1990