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On the Town: Pink Panther drops by Ark fundraiser

By Ruth Sowby July 14, 2010

The Pink Panther was found up Chevy Chase Canyon, courtesy of the Ark Family Center and its “First Summer Extravaganza.” Joan and Warren Binzley opened their Glendale home and gardens on Saturday to more than 100 members and guests willing to part with their dollars to benefit the Ark Leadership Academy and Youth Mentorship Programs. But she soon found out that the committee had bigger plans in mind. If you want something done, ask a woman. The International Ballroom held several hundred women and the wise men who support them. A big welcome and legislative update on California issues was also presented by our local politicos Sen. Carol Liu (D 21st District)Lion’s share of learning

By Yasmin Nouh July 18, 200 9

What happens if you covered your arm with a bag of Crisco oil and stuck it into a bucket filled with ice? You would feel nothing, like a sea lion in the cooler waters of the North Pacific. Do you think you can get yourself out of an alligator mouth? Well, too bad because at 3,500 pounds, the force of its bite is equivalent to that of a car landing on top of you. And now she will lead the way for the organization where she got st arted years ago. The community activist was installed last month as local president of the National Charity League, a nonprofit mother daughter organization that promotes community involvement. She first became involved in the program in the seventh grade when her mother was a senior m ember, or patroness, within the organization.

By Alison Kjeldgaard April 30, 2009

Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy senior Megan Turner, 18, has gone above and beyond her school community service requirements, having dedicated much of her time volunteering through the Glendale Chapter of National Charity League. On March 24, Turner was recognized for her community service at the annual Christian Service Awards ceremony at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles. The chapter wide project, chosen and implemented by 10th grade students each year, is a project that involves the participation of both mothers and daughters of the entire chapter for a common cause. This year, the class of 2011 Ticktockers chose Childrens Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) Celebrate Life With HOPE (Hematology/Oncology Psychosocial and Education)Glendale Chapter of National Charity League to Hold Blood Drive for American Red Cross