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December 28, 2008’Merry Mulch’ program recycles Christmas trees Howard County government is offering a variety of Christmas tree recycling options through its “Merry Mulch” program. The county recycles about 18,000 trees a year. All trees are delivered to the Alpha Ridge Landfill where they are transformed into compost and mulch. From Jan. 2 through Jan. at these drop off sites: Kendall Hardware, 12260 Rt. 108, and River Hill Garden Center, 12165 Rt. 108, both in Clarksville; Cedar Lane Park, 5081 Cedar Lane, and Grandfather’s Garden Center, 5320 Phelps Luck Drive, both in Columbia; Rockburn Park, 5400 Landing Road, Elkridge; Small Circuit Court parking lot on Courthouse Drive, Ellicott City; Schooley Mill Park, 12975 Hall Shop Road, Highland; Savage Park, 8400 Fair Street, Savage; and Western Regional Park, 14800 Carrs Mill Road, Woodbine.Weeds took over our flower beds last year. A friend said that we should pull what we can, put down four to five layers of newspapers (overlapping edges), and then cover them with mulch. Is this a procedure you would recommend? My husband and I are looking for the easiest way. The newspaper plus mulch method is excellent. It’s actually much more effective than mulch alone, because the newspapers don’t allow any light to reach the weeds or weed seeds. It’s a good low maintenance method, plus it puts recycled paper to good use. Each 3 cubic foot bag of shredded hardwood is $4.50 plus 6 percent sales tax. Orders are due Friday. and noon March 29. to noon March 29. Through the doldrums of winter, Coscia watched her beds of perennials, bushes and a vast vegetable garden lie dormant, all the while longing to muddy her hands in preparation for an abundant flowering come spring. “I like the machine,” said Liam, who was sitting atop his father’s left hip. The smell of fresh pine cut through the brisk morning air. Keep your heating and cooling vents free from furniture and draperies. Check your crawlspace or basement for standing water, mold and wildlife. Check pilot lights and burners, too, and look for gas leaks and adequate ventilation. Clean your gutters and downspouts, and make sure they’re securely attached. Your roof should be watertight, too.