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MTV spoils image of Laguna

By By Derek Ostensen November 18, 2005

MTV’s show has increased the familiarity of Laguna Beach across the world, but watch the show and ask yourself if the MTV image of Laguna Beach is how you want to be known. The network has announced that the show’s fourth season will be “Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County,” and will feature teens from Newport Harbor High School. The season will premiere Aug. 15. The show’s move follows a decline in ratings in its third season, when a new crop of Laguna kids was selected to star but failed to make waves. But this isn’t just any show. This one focuses on our town, our teens . We agree the show, despite its highly touted “realism,” has nothing to do with reality. Here are the real facts. MTV’s executive producer, Adam Devillo, approached the former Laguna Beach High School principal [Nancy Blade] and me to determine the district’s interest in collaborating on a show about Laguna Beach High School students. Devillo’s words were: “We would love to work with the school district but either way, we will move forward with ‘a’ show.”School board took huge misstep

Sandra Thompson Thank you, [Gary] Jenkins, for his heartfelt letter to the editor regard ing < strong> the school board’s decision to allow, then bar, an MTV reality show at Laguna Beach High School. The Jenkins family, along with the Vickers, Turner, Whalen and Hathaway families, are respected and deeply valued members of our community. Their contributions to our schools and community have been immense and for that we are very grateful.