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area legislators pen their assembly wish lists

Del. Joseph D. Morrissey, D Henrico, says he pl toms shoes ans to propose a 20 cent tax on plastic bags that is meant to dissuade shoppers from using them in favor of reusable bags. His attempt to ban plastic bags last year was sacked after opposition from retailers.

He also wants to scratch the 80 mph benchmark for reckless driving after Gov. Bob McDonnell increased the speed limit on more stretches of Virginia highway to 70 mph.

About one week out from the 2011 General Assembly session, which starts Jan. 12, state delegates and senators are putting pen to paper and prioritizing toms shoes the toms shoes ir legislation. that day to prefile legislation. In the House of Delegates this year, members can file a total of 15 bills, just five of them after the session begins.

Senators can file eight bills once the session starts but have no limit on prefiles.

Legislators often submit bills based on requests from constituents, recommendations from commissions they sit on and their own interests.

Del. Rosalyn R. Dance, D Petersburg, wants to ban drivers from talking on cellphones while driving unless they are hands free devices. And she wants to allow voters to cast an absentee ballot for any reason. Now, voters have to offer one of 18 excuses, such as being away for business on Election Day.

Del. John M. O’Bannon III, R Henrico, has filed a bill to create a “Don’t Tread on Me” license plate, and the neurologist plans to craft legislation to battle childhood obesity.

Dels. Bill Janis, R Henrico, and G. Manoli Loupassi, R Richmond, want to tweak DUI laws and penalties. Loupassi’s bill would add a fee of $25 to convictions for DUI and related crimes to fund a campaign publicizing the consequences of such crimes including incarceration.

And under another Morrissey proposal, colleges would be limited in the amount of taxpayer dollars used to pay the salaries of coaches.

His legislation would stipulate that any public college or university that receives state f toms shoes unding could not use more than $300,000 of state dollars to subsidize the salary of an individual athletic coach.

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