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Article mechanics

An article is not a mere summary or list of information, but a connected piece of prose, meant to be read all the way through. The rest of the opening section should give the background needed for understanding the rest of the article. The opening section can be a ”summary” of the article, but a brief outline of the article structure may be better if the article is very long.

The article body

Generally, articles need a plan that lends toms shoes outlet coherence and flow and invites readers to keep reading. A task of editors is to help plan articles, and this may be discussed on the Talk page. We expect citations in about the same quantity as in academic encyclopedias. are not usually needed for information that is common knowledge among experts. But the following categories of claims generally do need citation:claims with unique sources (such as survey results, or the finding of a particular paper)claims central to the article

Wherever possible, give an online link for any reference, at least to the abstract (via, for example, a PubMed reference.)

Rather than use several references in one sentence, it m toms shoes outlet ay be better to include several sources in one citation. Every page should have a subpage/ that only contains a short sentence explaining the topic of the page:

Maximum one sentence (no more than 30 words/150 characters, ignoring formatting ch toms shoes outlet aracters).

Don’t toms shoes outlet include the term defined in the definition itself.

Start the text with a capital letter and end with a period. (Use a semicolon, if necessary, in between, but no period.)

This definition is mainly used on the /Related Pages subpage where

{{rnumber}} and {{rno number}}

Foo lemma [r]: This example of a lemma has only a definition page and an article page with the subpages template. The article transcludes the text from the definition page. The link to the article, when using the R template is shown in black to indicate it has no more content that the definition which can already be seen. [e]

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Article Karma Directory

Rann of Kutch (Gujarat, India)

The desert is not always a waste. Head for the 18,000 sq km area in the north of Gujarat to find out how much of a waste it isn’t. The Great Rann was originally an extension of the Arabian Sea, closed off by centuries of silting. In Alexander the Great’s time it was a navigable lake, but it is now an extensive mudflat, inundated during the monsoon. No visitor to the Great Rann has yet been disappoi toms shoes outlet nted; it’s a stark and strange terrain you won’t ever forget.

There’s a lot to see in the nearest town, Bhuj, as well: the 18th century Aina Mahal in the old part of the city, the cenotaphs complex at Chattaradi, and the ancient seaport of Mandvi among other. Kutch is, of course the center of a rich craft tradition, which you can view in the toms shoes outlet bungalow of James McMurdo.

The ghost town of Lakhpat is 151 km from Bhuj.

You can fly to Bhuj from Mumbai twice a week ($125) as well as from Ahmedabad. There are direct trains from both places to New Bhuj Railway Station. You can also drive, or take state transport buses or luxury coaches. These and auto rickshaws and taxies, are available to all centers in Gujarat. There are no five star deluxe hotels in Kutch, but there are a number of comfortable hotels. Try Hotel Prince (new Station Road; 02832 20370). Plenty of tour operators offer well trodden tourist circuits, but you can also choose to chalk out your own route. Since this is a border area, you need a (easily obtained) permit from the Collector’s office in Bhuj, off College road.


The Great Rann is the winter home of migratory flamingoes when they arrive near Khavda. It’s the largest flamingo colony in the world. If you can, time your visit with the Kutch Mahotsav in February; it’s a spectacle wort toms shoes outlet h the trip. You’ll need light woolens.

Nubra Valley (Himachal Pradesh, India)

Beyond the world’s highest motor able stretch across the Khardung la (5,578m) lies the beautiful Nubra Valley bordering the Karakoram Range, opened to visitors only in 1994 (you need a permit, easily available in Leh). Hot springs, gompas, and walks await you. Fly from Delhi to Leh ($100), and then take a bus to either Diskit or Panamik, the two main villages in Nubra (IO hr ride, $25). You can rent jeeps from the Leh Taxi Operators’ Union ($110 to Nubra + $10 nights’ charge; 01982 53309). There is accommodation at the guesthouses in both villages. Be warned Nubra in winter is not for everyone. This is not the tourist season and facilities will be shut. But if you like extremes pack your bags.

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